The Best Gift is Knowledge!
If you care, give them the tools so they can understand.

Be heard by your actions not your words!

How to Teach!

Tell me, and I may forget,
Show me, and I may remember,
Involve me, and I will understand!

Live Like!

Love like you have never been hurt,
Trust like a coin, needs two sides,
Care like it is you in trouble,
Help like your life depends on it,
Work like you donít need the money,
Play like there is a tomorrow,
Watch like you are using someone elseís eyes,
See like you will lose your sight,
Listen like someone else hears,
Hear like you are talking to yourself,
Talk like each word has value,
Walk like there is somewhere to go,
Dance like no one is watching,
Run like you donít have to,
Time is like gold; spend it wisely.


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